Sara McConnell Photography List

The List has been through many transformations.  Most recently we've renamed it the FOMO list.

Yes, that's right, the Fear Of Missing Out

Every year we get dozens and dozens of emails from prospective and current clients who see photos on my social media pages and realize they missed out on a session they really wanted to book.

"Is it too late for me to book?!?"  98% of the time it is.

Here's how the FOMO list works:

1. You add your name and email address to the list.

2. We send out 2-3 updates a month about what our plans are for both studio and outdoor sessions.  

3. The title and subtitle will have the details about what's inside the list.  If you're not interested, delete the email.

4. If something catches your eye, open up the email and find out all the details.

The List is THE ONLY way to make sure you don't miss out on the most popular sessions: Blossoms, Sunsets, Wildflowers, Fall, Holiday (and any new sessions we offer).

We will deliver the most important information, straight to your inbox:

- Session Previews (details and photos for upcoming sessions)
- First access to Session Booking links
- Promotional offers and session giveaways

When you sign up for our FOMO list and are a current subscriber, you receive two FREE gift prints from your next session with me as a thank you adding yourself to the list.  

The serious stuff: You can opt out at any time and your email address will never be shared or distributed nor will you be contacted by any business or organization other than Sara McConnell Photography

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